An Interesting(?) National Guard Commercial

In Americas (North) on December 29, 2009 at 1:11 am

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I went to the movies yesterday and while waiting to see James Cameron’s Avatar for the third time I saw a commercial for the Army National Guard (and yes for whatever reason I was there that early: when the house lights are still up and there are newspaper ads and pop culture trivia playing in rotation on the big screen, followed by regular tv commercials all before we can get to the commercials we actually want to see- the ones that promise movies soon to be released that are rarely ever as good as they seem at the time, finally succeeded by the one thing we did  intentionally pay to see which in some cases may be little more than the longest commercial of them all). Anyway, I’m watching this commercial and I’m thinking about what its trying to sell me: “What message is this commercial sending me?” and taking in the images of soldiers in as they inexplicably cut down trees with chainsaws all i could hear was “We are America and we bring destruction wherever we go.” Well that’s the mild version of what I thought at least.

Then it occurred to me that as all commercials are strategically placed, this national guard ad may have been some lame attempt to redeem the picture of the American “military-industrial complex” (also known as blah blah blah) that Cameron paints in his film. I give nothing away of the movie in saying that America here is not the is not the good guy and her army is a most deplorable representation of humanity as whole. The question then maybe is which America are we? And is there even a difference between the two or just a difference in how they’re sold?




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