Profile: The Sartorialist Scott Schuman

In Fashion, Profile: People Places & Things of Peace on December 30, 2009 at 6:53 pm

Scott Schuman: Photographer, columnists & blogger extraordinaire. Aside from being the force behind one of my favorite blogs (and one of the few I’ve checked religiously for years) Schuman also writes for GQ magazine and does photo-shoots for, Italian Vogue and the like. I, no doubt, have butchered what I’m sure is a long list of his other accomplishments and endeavors but what I love most of them all is his blog. The Sartorialist is basically a collection of beautifully photographed people that cross Schuman’s path on his travels around the world. It’s not just a fashion blog, or a travel blog but the most wonderful mix of both. And The Sartorialist dont discriminate. On any given day he’ll post pictures of men, women, children, workers, celebrities, students, fashionistas and people just dressed for the day; everyone all peppered in with no favor shown to the wealthy or famous. And what, as a fledgling photographer, I love most and just can’t get over, is how well lit everyone is and how no matter what he’s always able to find some happiness and humanity in each person.

For those of us who read his blog Schuman is gifting us with a life of travel that very few have the privilege to explore. And he’s not showing us the sites; pictures of the Eiffel Tower and places we can google. He’s sharing people. Strangers he sees on the street with shoes he loves or with a scarf tied in a way he’d never thought of. He finds beauty everywhere in all kinds of people and what is more he shares it. By showing that there are well dressed people everywhere beautifully expressing themselves in their clothes, shoes and accessories, and not just on the runway, he affirms that fashion is in art and art is in life.

Lastly, as a final plug for his blog, let me (1.) say that at the very least it is great inspiration for outfit ideas on nights when your closet looks like the great abyss of nothingness and (2) provide you with the smallest sample of his beautiful photographs I could bring myself to narrow it down to cause really they’re all stunning.



Click here to visit Scott Schuman’s blog.


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