Five Films From Floomingdales [Fader]

In Movies on January 16, 2010 at 5:58 pm

Earlier this year Bloomingdales funded five separate directors in making film shorts (or as the Fader referred to them, great commercials) in celebration of “the art & style of film”. The idea was that people would vote and the winning short would be sent to the Independent Spirit Awards. Not exactly sure which won but here are my two favorite. Check the other three after the jump.



Tall Enough

One couple. One quiet Sunday in the city. A lot to talk about. A short film by Barry Jenkins.

Tea for 3

See the past and present. Collide through the eyes of a six year old. A short film by Amy Redford and Hall Powell.

My Adventures in Ladies Undergarments, 4th Floor

Boy meets lingerie mannequin. Falls in love. A film by Antonio Campos.

Recession Special

When things get tough, the touch throws a party. A film by Emily Abt.

The Love Game

Watch all the rules of romance break right before your very eyes. A film by Andrew Hunt.

Click here to read the Fader’s review of director Barry Jenkins and his short Tall Enough.

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