Ending Fistula-Empowering Women: Help Young Women Reclaim Their Lives and Transform Villages

In Africa, Miscellaneous on February 26, 2010 at 3:44 pm

above: a documentary about fistula in Ethiopia

below: a little something you can vote for to help end fistula in Ethiopia. 



Click HERE to vote for the Ending Fistula-Empowering Women: Help Young Women Reclaim Their Lives and Transform Villages project in the Dell Social Innovation Competition. 

Deemed inadequate, a 13 year old girl is abandoned by her husband and father and left on the outskirts of town in a doorless hut so hyenas could eat her. Cause of abandonment: obstetric fistula, a condition eliminated during the 19th century in US. Although this 13 year old girl made it to the hospital, few girls do. The consequences of obstetric fistula can leave a girl physically impaired, emotionally scarred, psychologically damaged and socially ostracized. Lack of obstetric care plays a significant role- currently only 1 midwife per 100,000 people- yet child marriages are also a primary cause of fistula.  

Project Resilience will work with young Ethiopian (15-23) post-surgery fistula survivors that have been ostracized from their villages. We will serve as a center for healing and self-empowerment.  Collaborating with Addis Ababa’s Fistula Hospital and Black Lion Hospital, Project Resilience’s innovative model will provide living quarters for a period of three years during which time they will gain both classroom and hands-on midwife training, gain administrative/managerial skills, learn about family planning methods and the dangers of early childbearing. Each woman will then be assigned to a rural area where she will provide health education and services, midwife and maternal care & job opportunities significantly contributing to  fistula rate. Outreach programs will create jobs for young girls and educate young children beginning a necessary shift in the cultural and economic perspectives of women. Project Resilience uplifts communities by empowering women. Strong and healthy women create strong and healthy communities. 


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