Black History Month continued (part IV)…

In Americas (North), Artsy Fartsy, History, Profile: People Places & Things of Peace, World News on March 5, 2010 at 2:24 am

Gordon Parks and Jean Michel Basquiat: two incredible artists who found a way to balance giving a voice to their underrepresented (black) communities without losing their own voice, and art, in race. transcendent. they each explored many forms of art, refusing to put themselves, and allowing no one to put them, in any boxes. they were humans first. artists. and made it a point to make noise about things silenced.

what’s really interesting to me in watching the video of this interview, and you see it a lot in interviews with bob dylan and the like too, for some artists you just have to let their work speak for them and for itself, its like they hate being asked questions almost especially about their art, they seem annoyed. i really believe we’re ALL meant to communicate with each other and i think maybe for some people that need for communication can only be expressed, or rather is best expressed, non-verbally…



yessir, the first black photographer on staff for LIFE mag is the same man that directed the original Shaft film!


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