Black History Month continued (part VI)…

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I remember years ago before the first episode of Def Poetry Jam ever aired, I was leaving the Magic Johnson’s Theatre (yes, don’t play me, MJ’s theatre used to crack) and someone handed me a promotional cd for the show. I never listen to those (and yeah yeah yeah i know im prob missing out on a lot of undiscovered hot fiyah because of it) so of course it sat collecting dust on my desk for a while. Anyway long story short, this was one of the two poems on disc (consider the magnitude of that- of all the amazing poems aired they chose this as one of two to promote the show). Needless to say i listened to it like a million times, and its def one of my favorite poems, so imagine my surprise when my uber legit intro to creative writing professor (totally down sweet white lady from new mexico) played this for the class last year. Its so bomb i couldnt just give you the video but had to too print the words (after the jump) just so you dont miss anything since in all likelyhood you wont listen to it as many times as i have.



See I ain’t no player hater

But I’ll hate a player if you push me

See nigga, while you stand there

Using all your heart trying to look the part

With your cold steel eyes

Nigga you don’t realize you just pussy, for sale

Now see I would call you female

But you too frail

While she’s held queen
I mean your existence is fractionally vaginal

Like the slits of the whores you use

To suit your feeble needs

You know, saturated soil and faulty fertilizer

Ensure your future seeds to be just like you pussy

For sale

On coner auction blocks lost flocks of bretheren

Now invested in by this America with stocks of cocaine

Temporary monetary gain in exchange for eternal pain

While the stain of your false reality

Remains an ever imprinted actuality

On your kids and in your kids

As they too have to suffer with you through the bids

Just kids

Trying not to let those lonely echoes bother

Knowing that father does not answer when they holler

Due to his undying infatuation with the dollar

Has been street scholar

Now sees his toddlers through glass

And as the years pass they grow fast

And begin to understand

Damn dad didn’t have to go away from us cause he didn’t love us

Just that he wasn’t no real fucking man

I be like

Oh Damn

That’s that cat that changed his name from David to Ayatollah

High roller, motorola soldier

Tech nine under his polar ass nigga

Don’t know his future or past nigga

But that fast trigger got this die cast

Forty ounce swigger thinking his shit is bigger, than mine

It’s not surprising to find that your state of mind got you

Parking that 63 thousand dollar Lex you flex

Right outside your mother’s hard earned 22,000 dollar duplex

You know the one right next to the projects

Where pseudo elated coke gang created

Crime related manhood got you assed out nigga

Getting high till you pass out nigga

Quick way up fast way out nigga

How you figure your shit is bigger than mine

Man I tell you, these fucked up times and hard core rhymes

Got you throwing up gang signs, claiming coasts or shades of color

With shameless boasts of emotionless lovers

That gaze upon ice that clutter the pendant

Of that religion you do not follow

Your faith has evaporated and made your soul hollow

Childhood dreams turn pharmaceutical schemes

Got you fucking with triple beams

Cap peeling, robbing, and stealing

For a piece of this fucked-up American pie ass nigga

Ready to die ass nigga

Fly ass nigga

Sit you in a cell you’d probably cry ass nigga

How the fuck you figure your shit is bigger

Than mine
I see you, diamond blinking

Cuban linking and full length minking

All strung out on disillusional thinking

And as the government subsidizes

These laboratory high rises
With new chemical surprises

You continue to hide your true self

Behind movie gangsta disguises

Oblivious to what life’s true prize is

Equating stupidity with the length

You think your dick size is
The truth in your eyes is

Falsified, fabricated while you sit and wait

For your fate to be debated

By juries and judges who’ve held

Over four hundred and fifty years worth of grudges

Nigga get back, sit back and rediscover

How to be an honest father

Loyal lover

Righteous brother

And not just another
Motherfucking [nigga].



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