Black History Month continued (part X) …Malcolm X

In Americas (North), History, World News on March 8, 2010 at 1:32 am

it’s almost insulting that the FBI couldn’t, or didn’t, find agents with intellectual ability any where NEAR his. no anger, just logic, he evades every question and gets them to expose their weak strategy, one that while possibly working on men of lesser intellect proves fruitless against his moral, psychological, analytical and everything-bomb-ical superiority. BEAST!



  1. def the best revolutionary that we have produced as a country, literally. thanks for posting, word! ;D

    • and thank YOU for inviting me to the adisa bonjoko thing…you SURE he’s married?? just sayin lol…

  2. This is soo funny this agent is tactless

    • i can hear you saying this out loud and its making me want to rip my ears off.
      nonetheless, you are right.

  3. wow. what more can i say?

    did they REALLY bring him in and try to reason with him to give up some information? did they really suggest that him aiding the bureau may, in fact, “help the organization…” by “eliminating people”?

    in the words of robert nesta – dem crazy!

    great find schmimi… no wonder they let his killer walk

    • glad you like it brUtha! (schmoni voice)
      im saying tho, they HAD to be crazy…either that or they just did NOOOOO research on the cat before hand- didn’t watch any of his tv appearances, never listened to any of his speeches. lol lets pray that when the revolution comes and the johnies bring us in for Q’s we can be as gangsta w our A’s

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