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Music Monday: Portishead – All Mine

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a couple of years ago an old friend of mine convinced me to listen to a funky sounding musical duo with a weird name…they quickly became a sort of cult favorite for me and for anyone else with enough sense to give them a listen. arguably a genre all their own, their sound and style is unique and differs with every album they put out. i could try to describe them, try to box them into some sort of classification but i assure it would not work. get past what you may think is uncomfortably  strange about them and you can sense a strong hip-hop influence. in a word: sick. that part of your brain hardwired for good music will thank you.




video quality sucks =/ sorry.



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An awesome documentary that traces the history of LA gangs back to their inception after the breakup of the Black Panther party, through their struggles of temporary peace and lasting, senseless violence. Definitely a must watch.

you can also catch the full film at



How AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Runs Our Nations Capital

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Jonathan Kessler’s quote 3 minutes and 56 seconds (3:56) to 4 minutes 15 seconds in (4:15), i find pretty disgusting; worse, terrifying. wow. sad that so many of the students, these “future leaders,” were willing to travel on an all expense paid trip funded by and listen to hours of seminars hosted by a group whose ideals they probably know nothing about, urging them to chose sides on an issue so complicated and important and of which they are most likely oblivious. i was at the UC Berkeley senate meeting when the bill to divest from companies funding crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli Defense Forces was passed. the student body president has since vetoed the bill. i guess AIPAC really does run the nation.

thanks for the heads up Huda.


Palladium’s London Pirate Radio Documentary [FADER]

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this too is activism.



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Most people will tell you that the internet killed pirate radio, which it did essentially, although there are still stations keeping the spirit alive, hijacking the airwaves for kicks. Footwear brand Palladium present a potted history of the phenomenon in the latest episode of their Exploration film series, going in search of the original pirates, dudes that set-up shop on shipwrecks and rusting sea forts off the coast. More current pirate radio figureheads are featured too—Rinse FM’s Logan Sama and Jammer all have great anecdotes from their pirating past. There was clearly a lot of legitimate tower block climbing involved in the making of this doc, and it’s worth watching the whole thing just to get to the part where the crew get taken on a clandestine mission to Flex FM’s homemade rooftop antenna.

See more at the Fader.

Video shows ‘US attack’ on Iraqis [Al Jazeera]

In Middle East, World News on April 8, 2010 at 5:12 pm

One of the internet’s biggest sources of classified government information has released video of what it says is a US helicopter firing at civilians in Iraq.

WikiLeaks, a website that publishes anonymously sourced documents,released what it called previously unseen footage on Monday.

It said the footage filmed from a helicopter cockpit shows a missile strike and shooting on a crowded square in a Baghdad neighbourhood in July 2007.

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Puma Presents: Of the Same Earth

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Recently, PUMA created one unity uniform for African national teams and invited artist Kehinde Wiley to paint a portrait of African togetherness. This is a story of Africa, football, and unity through a painting.

B is for Books: Disposable People (New Slavery in the Global Economy) by Kevin Bales

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I could attempt to explain the phenomenon of modern slavery explored in Disposable People but i could never do so as well as the author himself, Kevin Bales. so be sure to watch his TED talk and find a copy of the book ASAP.

heres a link to the Disposable People google books page so you can grab a sneak peak.



Vodpod videos no longer available.

In this moving yet pragmatic talk, Kevin Bales explains the business of modern slavery, a multibillion-dollar economy that underpins some of the worst industries on earth. He shares stats and personal stories from his on-the-ground research — and names the price of freeing every slave on earth right now.

Our Lady of The Bronx [Fader]

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Every year, the Bronx-based lowrider bike club the Firme Rydaz make a pilgrimage devoted to La Virgen de Guadalupe on December 12, her Feast Day. They walk their bikes and a heavy, huge, handmade effigy of the Virgin from their neighborhood in the Bronx, hundreds of blocks to 14th street at the cusp of midtown Manhattan. Filmmaker/photographer Carlos Alvarez Montero documented their somber journey in his moving short documentary Our Lady of the Bronx tracking them through the New York frigid air and showing the beauty of two Mexican traditions—one five centuries old, the other mere decades new—where street culture intersects with religious devotion. As they make their way to offer flowers and sing happy birthday to La Virgen in a cathedral, the film depicts an act of deep love for an icon who not only symbolizes Catholicism, but represents Mexico, while illuminating the divides and diversity throughout New York City.

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TED Talks: Chris Abani on Telling Stories of Our Shared Humanity

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first saw this video last year when my creative writing TA showed it to the class. Chris Abani was, i believe, a visiting professor at UCR at the time. A renowned speaker, writer and poet  he now tours all over the world giving lectures and taking temporary residence at universities.



Click here to learn more about Chris Abani.

Commercial of the week: Embrace Life

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i know that overabundant consumerism is pushing super-capitalism which is perpetuating globalization and this that and the other, but look, there is an art to making a bomb commercial! I’ve always had a thing for well made commercials and this is one  so shut up and watch- till the end! stayed tuned for more to come!



“Corrective” Rape in South Africa

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the disgusting truth is people really think like this and this kind of ridiculousness happens all over the world.

what’s really going on when even the marginalized and oppressed find people to marginalize and oppress?

thanks for the heads up Irene.

-peace.pace.selam <<< we need so much more of it.

Fun Fridays!: Unicorns DO exist!…kind of… [National Geographic]

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for those of you that spent your childhood wishing you could behold, just once in your life, the sight of a beautiful, innocent, ethereal unicorn…well you never will- but here’s the next best thing!

…kind of less cool when you consider the “horn” is really it’s left tooth tho…that’s just kind of uncomfortable…



Profile: Keb’ Mo’

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A country blues singer from…COMPTON???? not much of a profile but I couldn’t not share this + i like the song. thanks for the heads up Hannah M.!



Click here to learn more about Keb’ Mo’

Mexico: Paramedics on the Frontlines [Al Jazeera]

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what happens when paramedics have to risk their own lives to save others? what does safe even mean then?


Ambulance workers in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s most violent city, are under constant threat as drug gangs battle each other for territory.

The situation has grown so dangerous that paramedics have been ordered to wait for police to arrive at a crime scene before attending a call.

Gunmen have even been known to follow wounded patients from ambulances to emergency rooms to finish them off.

Al Jazeera’s Mariana Sanchez has the story from Ciudad Juarez, in the first of a series of special reports on the drugs war.

Click here to read my post of BBC’s article on the effect that drug warfare is taking on Juarez.

Click here to watch more of Al Jazeera‘s coverage in Juarez.

Pretty Cool People Interviews: Street Artist Tom14 [Wooster Collective]

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