Pond’s White Beauty Commercial

In Asia, Miscellaneous, World News on April 4, 2010 at 9:04 pm

this is ridiculous on so many levels it doesn’t even warrant conversation about how truly pathetic and unfortunate it is. the sad fact is though that in nearly every country around the world, especially in countries throughout africa, the middle east and asia, there is a huge market for products like these.

how do we teach the world to love itself??


p.s. this video is only part 1 of an incredibly cheesy, faux intense 5 part series.

  1. WHAT THE BUCK. not gonna lie though..they have similar commercials in the middle east…so sad.

    love your blog betho..i miss your face

    • laaah-naaaah. im glad you do. miss you too but guess who’s gonna be in the r’uh in a month!!! the lana/bethel drought shall soon be over.

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