Music Monday: Portishead – All Mine

In Europa, Music, Music Monday, Profile: People Places & Things of Peace on April 12, 2010 at 9:29 pm

a couple of years ago an old friend of mine convinced me to listen to a funky sounding musical duo with a weird name…they quickly became a sort of cult favorite for me and for anyone else with enough sense to give them a listen. arguably a genre all their own, their sound and style is unique and differs with every album they put out. i could try to describe them, try to box them into some sort of classification but i assure it would not work. get past what you may think is uncomfortably  strange about them and you can sense a strong hip-hop influence. in a word: sick. that part of your brain hardwired for good music will thank you.




video quality sucks =/ sorry.

  1. […] Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit, Daft Punk’s Around the World, and most impressively, Portishead, in the background of random scenes like its nothing (and thats only in the first season). My […]

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