Playlist for a 15 Hour Flight to Ethiopia: Kanye West

In Music, Playlist for a 15 Hour Flight to Ethiopia on June 10, 2010 at 1:00 pm

now. understand, i have been a kanye fan since day one. and when he came out w 808’s and heartbreak and everyone was off him, i was still true blue. ive been an avid reader of his blog since he started it and when he changed it’s site location recently, along w the general content (from an all-forms-of-art-and-beautiful-wonderful-creative-things blog to what now seems like a nothing-but-hypsersexualized-photographs-of-white-women blog) well my faith cracked slightly. BUT, as if reading me and only me, before i could consider joining the naysayers kanye releases the new tracks from his upcoming album and BOY AM I STOKED. as he shared on his blog, EVERYONE’s stoked for what their hailing the return of kanye. demolition time. only sad thing about my approaching departure to the motherland- i probably wont hear all the new hot fire he releases until im back. sour.




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