Playlist for a 15 Hour Flight to Ethiopia: Tracy Chapman

In Music, Playlist for a 15 Hour Flight to Ethiopia on June 10, 2010 at 2:44 am

Sooo, as all of my twitter friends know, in exactly 7 (well technically 6 now) days I will be boarding a flight to return to the motherland: ETOPYAAAAAA, or as it is more commonly known, Ethiopia. I’m uber stoked and absolutely cannot wait bbuuuttt as I will probably be really busy working and traveling and learning and living and all that good stuff I probably will not be able to update in my absence (sad, sad day, yes, yes). Anyway i figured I’d add a bunch of posts that I was probably going to put up in the next month and a half anyway sooo get ready to see lots of fun stuff all post marked June 10th. anyway anyway, as I was adding good (no great, no aaawweeeesome) stuff to my computer and making my playlist for the flight of my life i thought, why not share this too, its only right. anyway anyway anyway, hope you all enjoy the music. to kick us off, a bit of the understated Tracy Chapman.




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