Throwback Thursdays: Daria

In Artsy Fartsy, Throwback Thursdays on June 10, 2010 at 10:29 am

does ANYONE remember “Daria”?? for literally years i thought i was the only kid who had ever seen the cartoon on MTV about the emo bland girl until, alas, the fader came through with much provided support and confirmation. in announcing that daria would finally be out on dvd they not only brought me fantastic news but too assured me that i had not been dreaming all those years, that part of my childhood did exist; there had in fact been a show called daria that excited my little bones every time i caught it. and make no mistake i’m in no way delusional, i fully accept that part, if not most, of that excitement had to do with catching a cartoon on a channel that did not usually show them but still, watching daria again as a semi-almost-somewhat adult this week has re-convinced me of her awesomeness aaannnddd of my own for ever having such good taste. seriously, its a surprisingly well written, well thought show for the now failure of a channel. and  how could you not love a cartoon that unpretentiously plays songs like Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit, Daft Punk’s Around the World, and most impressively, Portishead, in the background of random scenes like its nothing (and thats only in the first season). My strong advice, just go find an episode and watch it, if your worth anything at all, you’ll love her.

and if your still convinced that MTV isn’t now a complete cultural tragedy of a channel, do yourself another favor and read the fader’s post about Daria. you owe it to your bad judgement.

for your viewing pleasure, and as a last ditch attempt to convince you, here’s a youtube of the first half of the first episode of the first season of daria, (ignore that the images are inexplicably inverted).



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