J.Period Presents K’naan with Fela Kuti, Bob Marley & Bob Dylan: The Messengers

In Music on August 7, 2010 at 6:44 pm

okay soooooo before i left for Ethiopia about a month and a half ago, i found myself downloading (legally, oooooof course) a whole ton and half of new music. well, new to me. i realized when i got on the plane that i had somehow downloaded three albums from a dewd named j.period. (one of which i profiled here before i left). albums i’d never heard from a cat i’d heard minimally of (tho i must say of the few times his name was mentioned to me, they were always glowing reports). aaaaaaaaaaanyway long story short the first thing i decided to listen to on the plane was his k’naan mixtape after which it was pretty much a wrap. listened to it three times during the flight alone and played almost nothing else during my entire trip. i guarantee you nothing else k’naan has ever created can touch this and j.period, clearly, is muical genius. im itching to download his lauryn hill mixtape…i dont know if im ready…

Click here to download this and other j.period mixtapes (including q.tip, biggie, lauryn hill, nas, the roots and mary j. blidge).



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