A Few of My Favorite Things: Earl Grey x Milk x Honey

In A Few of My Faaaavorite Things on July 16, 2011 at 4:10 pm

s/o to amaya and Hannah ketura moore (who should be starting her own tumblr ASAP to send us lovely news from the Brazilian coast) for putting me on game!

Now listen, I know Earl Grey is nothing new, nor is this trifecta so don’t be a pompous @$$ and proclaim that you’ve “BEEEEEEEEEN on game.” Good for you, no one cares! Nah seriously tho good for you cause ive been missing out, as have all of you yet to try this. Please do something nice for yourself. If you don’t want to commit and buy a whole box just go to your favorite coffee shop and ask for a cup.

If you wanna be fancy like Amaya, you can ask to have some lavender thrown in there too (even.better).

thanks to hannah’s mom Anne for giving me a box, best bday gift ever, my mornings are about to be just LLOOOVVEELLLYYY!!




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