A Tribe Called Quest- I Left My Wallet in El Segundo

In Movies on July 16, 2011 at 4:21 pm

like i said i would in my video, just saw Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest and besides the fact that i now want to marry either ali shaheed muhammad (i’ll convert, haaaayyyyy) OR q-tip —yes, either is fine cause their both foine— it just made me hellaaaaaa miss my tribe jam sessions. made me remember when my brother put me up on game w hella tribe (and kast, d’angelo, nas, roots, common n some mo sht- but thats a story for another time) all at once and i straight up

my myspace was, like my twitter has been since i made it in ’09, covered in Tribe-ness!

it also super made regret never seeing them live (the only things that makes me forgive my brother for the fact that i missed their reunion show at El Rey in LA cause i was w my parents moving him to chicago is the fact that he’s the one who put me on game in the first place).

anyway, check the rhyme film. tho, if your a fan i need not say more.

pretty cool that phife was unexpectedly in the theatre while i was watching AND wearing Cal Berkeley gear throughout the film- hhaaayyy!!!!

critiques? yeah, for sure. shame on mike rapaport for falling into the q-tip is the leader of tribe game by giving him a bit more time, and for failing to note consequence at all except the credits (tho i dont really believe consequence was a member so its coo i suppose). but overall way more good than bad. plus i cant hate too much, ive been waiting for this movie since Eden put me on game over a year ago and sent me that hypebeast interview w a still editing mike rapaport.

in the meantime, enjoy what i just learned was the tribe’s first ever video and please peep the juvenile awkward/foolishness. to die for.




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