In B is for Books on July 16, 2011 at 4:19 pm excited for this.

firstly there is such little out there about Jean-Michel Basquiat in comparison to other incredible artisits.

secondly a lot of what’s out is the SAMO (jeanmichel-heads get it. -apologies i had to)

anyway suffice to say i was unexpectedly at the right place (Pegasus books on shattuck) at the right time (art coffee table book sale time) and for the FIRST time found a Basquiat coffee table book that was reasonably, BEYOND reasonably, priced.

this man is my FAVORITE artist… it was Salvador Dali for a long time but Basquiat, who i refer to as my darling, came and gave Dali a run for his money…they still compete sometimes, the geniuses.

anyway PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do yourselves a favor and watch The Radiant Childwhich is a doc i do take some issue with but still so much rare Basquiat footage you can’t help but fall in love and sorrow. much more on this soon to come.




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