Remember A Bathing Ape?

In Artsy Fartsy on July 16, 2011 at 3:43 pm

So years ago, around 2007, when BAPE was in its pop culture prime (aka when you could buy all over print hoodies from that gas station on Crenshaw that sells Laker gear every play-off season, back when everyone in LA was waiting for the Melrose store to open) I read a really interesting interview with Nigo, BAPE’s founder. In it he talks about how one of the things that happens when you become an adult is you stop thinking only about your clothing and things your want wear, but start thinking MORE about your space, your home or room, whatever, and making it reflect you as much as your clothing does. I never forgot that, it stuck w me for a long time and now that I’m about three of four years into thinking a lot about the four places I’ve lived in that short time, I hella feel what he means.

Wish I could’ve found the article to share :/ anyway this is all to say that im gonna start posting stuff that ive done to make my own space a place of peace.


check this post on my tumblr, where I’d originally posted it.


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