a Dreamer and a WASP: Charlie Rose interviews Octavia Butler

In B is for Books on July 30, 2011 at 9:30 pm

it’s so funny watching charlie rose fumble over himself,  interrupting her, trying so hard to, and to appear to, connect with and really understand her: ignorantly leaping into so many assumptions and misunderstandings despite his still young, white, male benevolent good intentions. i’ve seen him do this a number of times in his early career interviews.

and octavia butler all the more amazing and just uniquely dope as she is for being SoOoOoO patient, calm, quiet, sweet and never, ever ever making him feel as stupid or awkward as she could have. probably because she could see he already knew how much he was embarrassing himself.

something about her, the little i know about her rough unfairly unglamorous life and unfortunate and untimely death, the fact that she seems to retreat into herself and that as dope and unique as she was i can imagine all the flack she received for being so different- beautiful, historically pained peoples can be very harsh sometimes-makes me a little sad when i watch and think about her. but still she was very resilient and however ridiculous and maybe even audacious of me, i feel pride for her.

back to rose for a second tho. make no mistake, having seen a number of his other interviews, im a fan. he’s become quite great. but as for this charlie rose: some trick of the trade, or stage make-up i suspect, was the only thing keeping his face from turning beet red as it should have. how interesting to see how much he has grown, and learned, in his years of good journalism.

we’ve gotta have patience with the privilege- rather the ignorance born of it- of others, as we hope other will have patience with our own.

many thanks and blessings to Octavia Butler, may her soul rest forever in so much peace.



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