B is for Books: The Alchemist

In A Few of My Faaaavorite Things, B is for Books on July 30, 2011 at 9:32 pm

the undeniable.

so before i begin let me say, don’t be fooled by the title of this post, this book is def ‘one of my favorite things’ no less so than the other books i’ve just blogged about. i just decided not to include that tag here cause ive been overusing it a bit. thats not the purpose of the “A few of My Favorite Things” tag- i will only blog about my favorite books…or the ones i really really hate i suppose…tho i cant imagine wasting any more time on them than the time i spent reading them.

anyway, i’ve been on a reading binge lately (as my last couple of posts prove). glad to have some time to read fiction and glad to have the freedom to read what i choose (tho i must admit and give thanks for being blessed with many professors who have assigned fantastic reads both fictional and not).

anyway, a couple of weeks ago, before i’d read Parable of the Sower, and before I’d reread The Bluest Eye, I’d read: The Alchemist.

as i shared in my post about the bluest eye, i’d been meaning to read the alchemist forever. I’d heard that it was one of those undeniable amazing books, the kind that everyone must read because it appeals to something human inside all of us and in so doing becomes necessary.

well i read it and i agreed. I’d been following the author, paulo Cohelo, on twitter for some time and having read many of his blog posts and the quick “2 minute reads” that he regularly posts (his way of not only keeping people, his fans the world over, reading but also thinking and living critically and attentively with all of themselves), so i was already a fan. i knew i loved how he thinks and writes so it was really just about waiting for the right time, for my life to bring me to my own copy of it.

anyway, my posts are getting uncharacteristically long and personal- which im enjoying and appreciating actually- but i dont particularly feel like overwriting right now and i KNOW there’s nothing profound i could say to encourage anyone to read this book except for that you must. even i, having already read it, must read it again. and many more times in my life.

instead i offer the promise of eventual Alchemist quotables and the promise that Coelho’s writing will pull at your heart strings as forcefully and achingly wonderfully as your favorite lyric sung by your favorite singer in gut-wrenchingest part of your favorite song.




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