B is for Books x A Few of My Favorite Things: Octavia Butler

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Octavia E. ButlerThe Dreamer


May your heavenly dreams be as fanciful- and far more peaceful and rested- as your earthly ones. amen. 

just finished reading my fourth Octavia E. Butler novel. the first, and my favorite of her’s that i’ve read is Wild Seed. my cousin Buchu (Daniel the great) not only suggested that me and my cousin Elizabeth read it, he immediately went to Barnes & Noble and purchased it for us. like that. and, as all things Buchu promotes, Perhaps one of the most creative stories I have ever encountered. After Wildseed I read Mind of My Mind (the next in that series),  Kindred (a stand-alone novel, and Butler’s most popular) and, as of about an hour ago, Parable of the Sower (the first in a separate two part series). Like all of her books, it was not only an incredibly easy-breezy read, I couldn’t put it down: read it in 3 days. Considering that I work 8 hour days, that’s not a testimony to my reading but a testimony to the pure goodness of her writing.

Wild Seed is still my favorite, i think because it was my first and you never forget the first time. i dont know what else to say except that, even without that having been the first science-fiction novel I’ve read (OH YEAH, DID I FORGET TO MENTION SHE’S A BLACK, FEMALE SCIENCE FICTION WRITER???? YOU.BETTA.WEEEERRRRRRKKKKK), i had not, and still have not, ever read or come across anything that creative, inventive and wonderful.

that said, Parable of the Sower is a different kind of favorite of her’s for me.

because it’s the first one that could be real.

because i think it will be real someday.

because despite that it was written decades ago and set in, what is for us a not so distant future (2024-2027), it is the only thing i have read that has actually thoroughly conceptualized and expanded upon a future that I, and many over-the-edge environmentalist, fear is in store for this planet in the future. i’ve come to accept that anything that drastic and terrible and frigtening will not happen for another 100 years, earliest, but i’m still pretty sure, and frightened that it will happen. like the main character, im pretty sure the destiny of the human race lies in the stars. dead serious.

that said, i intend to keep this book forever. to make my kids read it, and every one i love. and pray all the dirty greedy capitalists read it too so they can see the future they’re ensuring for our progeny by destroying the planet.

too intense???? i ain’t sorry doeeeeeee

fun fact!: the novel’s main character creates, rather “observes”, a religion called “Earthseed” and writes a bible-type book called “Earthseed: the Book of the Living” (amazing dope qouteables soon to come!!) which later, years after the book was published, some turnt-up enviornmentalists turned into an actual religion calledSolSeed. (lmfaoooo! on the real though, why can’t people just come across goodness and accept it, fold it into their lives, put it to practice and keep it pushing??? wwwwhhhhhyyyyy a whole new faith???? wwwhhhyyyy??? lmfao. what.and.ever.)

anyway, read Octavia E. Butler and enjoy her.




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