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Bulgarian War Memorial Vandalized, Awesomely []

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A public monument to the Soviet Armed Forces in Sofia, Bulgaria was vandalized spectacularly over the weekend. The statues of the Second World War soldiers were painted to resemble such candy-colored figures of capitalist iconography as Superman, Ronald McDonald, Santa Claus, Captain America and The Joker. The spray-painted writing beneath it says the hack now puts the statue “in step with the times!”

Today, Bulgarian Minister of Culture Vezhdi Rashidov denounced the act as “vandalism…We are the only ones led by some kind of destructive force when it comes to monuments of socialism.” The kid in red on the skateboard just thinks it’s awesome. [sofiaecho.comphoto via AP]

by Seth Abramovitch


Commercial of the Week: IBM in Stockholm

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as much as i rant about the iniquities of consumerism…i love a good commercial and appreciate the genius of a great ad campaign. of course being as smart and wonderful as it is, the very few times they do choose to show commercials, better believe they’ll be smart ones like this.

…wonder if this concept could work in LA…??


The Robin Hood Tax [Wooster Collective]

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harry potter fans, stop the video at 2 mins and tell me if that isn’t draco malfoy


Music Monday: Portishead – All Mine

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a couple of years ago an old friend of mine convinced me to listen to a funky sounding musical duo with a weird name…they quickly became a sort of cult favorite for me and for anyone else with enough sense to give them a listen. arguably a genre all their own, their sound and style is unique and differs with every album they put out. i could try to describe them, try to box them into some sort of classification but i assure it would not work. get past what you may think is uncomfortably  strange about them and you can sense a strong hip-hop influence. in a word: sick. that part of your brain hardwired for good music will thank you.




video quality sucks =/ sorry.

Palladium’s London Pirate Radio Documentary [FADER]

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this too is activism.



Vodpod videos no longer available.

Most people will tell you that the internet killed pirate radio, which it did essentially, although there are still stations keeping the spirit alive, hijacking the airwaves for kicks. Footwear brand Palladium present a potted history of the phenomenon in the latest episode of their Exploration film series, going in search of the original pirates, dudes that set-up shop on shipwrecks and rusting sea forts off the coast. More current pirate radio figureheads are featured too—Rinse FM’s Logan Sama and Jammer all have great anecdotes from their pirating past. There was clearly a lot of legitimate tower block climbing involved in the making of this doc, and it’s worth watching the whole thing just to get to the part where the crew get taken on a clandestine mission to Flex FM’s homemade rooftop antenna.

See more at the Fader.

JR: Exposition in Paris [Dailymotion]

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if you’ve checked the About page on aplaceforpeace then you know I’m a JR fan. this time he hit Paris, and as usual, he hit big. the video says it all.



Vodpod videos no longer available.

Having presented his portraits of women in Brazil, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, India, Belgium, Britain and other countries, JR is showing the whole of his Women exhibition for the first time.