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“i find it hard to say…”

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  1. if your inclined to fill your lungs with smoke, then you’ve experienced being out somewhere and stuck with no lighter. Trust, you’ll be thankful for that emergency pack of matches at the bottom of your purse or backpack or glove compartment. Pretty inconvenient if you’re a pipe enthusiast, however if your a pape roller those matches can be sooo crucial for that initial and one-time only light-up.
  2.   and this ones so #outtapocket but so #real: If you find yourself in need of a release, the bowel moving kind, but your somewhere with people not understanding of your need to engage in a sometimes foul smelling bodily function who are likely to make you feel embarrassed about it, matches surprisingly will make a smell disappear as quickly as they burn out. Just strike a match and walk around the bathroom until it goes out. The smell will be gone and so will that pang in your tummy! nah, furrealdoe, this works, scouts honor.

you’ll thank me, i’ll wait.


Please, take me back…

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tried the whole tumblr thing…such a mistake; what a mess. I’m gonna try to link my wordpress to my tumblr so i can just proceed to blog here and my tumblr will automatically update shorter versions or links or something onto my tumblr page. In the meantime I’m gonna put everything I posted there here. Here’s my tumblr page tho, if anyones interested.

glad to be back…let’s not break up again, okay?



S’been been a while…..

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“i’ve been busy, my apologies.”

….i’ve been saying that a lot lately..well for years but especially lately. but izz thee truf!!!

ah well.


p.s. i may have been gone for a while but, like santa, when i come i come bearing gifts!!! –

so much good stuff, sooo excited.



Top 3 Reasons I Heart the FADER (in no particular order of affection)

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1. how can you not love a magazine blog that posts this picture every time they mention Outkast?

or inexplicably creates collages like this

(miriams favorite)

2. they regularly, rather exclusively, post greatness like this:

The Rub’s History of Hip Hop: The Year 2000

complete with a link for the download

3. they always know bout all that new new, be it style, music, art, events, all that. they’re on it, the best of it, and uasually before it even officially happens.

and 4 (yeah i know i said 3 reasons). in the 4+ years ive been a reader, i’ve learned a lot from the FADER. mucho gusto suckaaaassss.

Music Monday…on tuesday…

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this picture just cause it makes me happy. credit: TIME's pics of the week march 1st

so in honor of my fam Yoni’s big bday yesterday and because yoni’s a big music fan and a versatile kinda guy and because i feel like it, today’s gonna be an all music monday at a placeforpeace. those of you who check in often know i like to mix it up buuut some days are news heavy, some art, some music, some this, some that. some days are fader heavy some TIME, some al jazeera, some here, some there. and thats just the way the cookie crumbles. todays an all music monday and all of its good.

much much much love and thanks to those of you who haven’t forgotten this place in my hiatus -finals are a big blog blocker- but its SummaSummaSumma Tiiiime (summatime) -for me at least- and i’m back to the fun stuff.




“A War For Your Soul” via Vimeo

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A MUST SEE. Look past the production quality and the execution and its an excellent video. A hard-hitting, TRUTHFUL, and very real message no doubt.



Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra

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credit: Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

A couple of weeks ago I had to absolute privilege of seeing Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra live.

Suffice to say the experience (and yes it was quite an experience) was nothing short of an emotional journey, a metaphysical roller-coaster, a theoretical debate and a conversation about humanity. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Absolutely the best live performance I’ve seen to date, it’s left me wanting more ever since. They brought new meaning to the word LIVE turning the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Happy Birthday into musical masterpieces (beyond the classics they all ready are, of course).  I only wish I could provide video of the performance, instead I give you the next best thing(s): a youtube of Wynton and the JLCO playing “Portrait of Louis Armstrong,” an excerpt of one of Wynton’s many interviews with Charlie Rose and my strong encouragement to catch them live next time they’re in your city!



see this interview and others in their entirety at

Click here to read more about Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.

Also check Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center

The End of the World…In a Nutshell.

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A friend of mine showed this to me the other day (thanks Nicole). I figured since I post articles about what’s currently hapenning in the world it’d only be appropriate to share a youtube cartoon about how its going to end.

If nothing else, this video is proof that everything sounds better with an accent…